Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are you located?
A. Here is a map and directions.

Q. What is Actual Cash Value (ACV)?
A. ACV or Actual Cash Value is what dealers are paying for cars like yours. This is the dealer's actual appraised value. They call it Actual Cash Value to separate it from Trade Allowance. Trade Allowance is the inflated price for your car off their car's inflated retail price. We only deal with the ACV, avoiding this confusion.

Q. What is Trade Allowance?
A. (ACV)Actual Cash Value + Discount = Trade Allowance. Obviously, Trade Allowance is not the dealer's real value for your Trade-In. An inflated price on their car means an inflated price for your Trade-In. We only deal with the (ACV)Actual Cash Value, so your trade-in has the same value on any of our vehicles.

Q. What are these "Push, Pull, Drag" Sales?
A. These dealers have a large markup on their vehicles. They use the extra markup as part of your Trade-In Allowance. In other words, if we added an extra $10,000 to all of our vehicles, we could give everyone a $10,000 Minimum Trade Allowance. We never have sales or gimmicks of any kind. We believe these are another way to mislead the customer into thinking they are getting something they are not. All of our vehicles are marked at the lowest price every day. Your Trade in value will be the real value to us, and not some "on paper only" price.

Q. Why does my Trade value differ between dealers?
A. Although dealers may have different actual values for your trade-in, the big difference is the markup in theirs. Sometimes your trade-in value mysteriously changes from car to car at the same dealer. They are adding part of their markup to your trade-in vehicle. Your trade-in value at our dealerships will always be the same on any vehicle we have, even if ours is less expensive. In this case we would give you the cash back.

Q. Why isn't my Trade-In worth 'Blue Book'?
A. Kelly Blue Book gives Free Trade-In and Retail values. This is a good place to start getting an idea of your vehicle's value.

To get an estimated Trade Value at 'Kelley Blue Book', click 'Trade-In value' on their Home page, then use 'Good Condition', (unless your car has 90,000 miles or more, then use 'Fair Condition'). Although the actual dealer value can vary, sometimes greatly, you should get a fairly accurate value for your Trade-In. Dealers do not use this service to appraise your car. They use current market value in their area by checking local Auction Reports and Dealer Auction books.

Q. Who appraises my vehicle and how?
A.Usually a Manager or Vehicle Buyer will decide what your vehicle's value is. They regularly participate in online or in-person regional car auctions, and use a variety of tools to determine the value. These include comparing vehicles like yours in our current or recent inventory and online dealer auction results. Note that dealers rarely consult the Kelly Blue Book, which is designed for consumers.

Q. How do I buy a car from you over the Internet?
A. Contact us, and we will arrange financing, payment, and delivery to your home.

Q. What are Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)?
A. (ABS) is Anti-Lock Brake System. Anti-Lock Brakes keep you in control of the vehicle in a panic-stop situation by pumping the brakes many times per second. This means you do NOT pump the brakes in a panic-stop, but just hold the brake down, and remember you can steer around the obstacle while braking.

Q. My 'Service Engine Soon' light is on, what do I do?
A. The (SES) or 'Service Engine Soon' light is the most common concern in our Service Department. The light is almost always related to an emissions abnormality, and is easily re-set in our Service Department. Here is what to do?

  • Check that the gas cap is screwed on until it 'clicks', if not, tighten it, and the light may go off on it's own. The vehicle has sensed that gas fumes are escaping from the vehicle through that gas cap.
  • If it is not the gas cap, call our Service Department to set up an appointment, and we will remedy the problem. Click a link below to go to our service departments.

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